The following is a list of attorneys either currently or previously licensed in Montana who have been publicly disciplined. The list has been compiled based on public orders of discipline issued by the Montana Supreme Court or COP. This list does not include private forms of discipline (such as a private admonition). Private discipline is not a matter of public record and remains confidential.

Although the list includes attorneys who have been disciplined prior to the creation of ODC on July 1, 2002, it may not include every attorney ever disciplined by the Montana Supreme Court.

Please note that disability/inactive status is not a form of discipline but is the transfer of an attorney to inactive status due to a disability. Nonetheless, attorneys who have been placed on disability/inactive status are listed. Attorneys suspended for non-payment of dues or who are placed on inactive status for failure to comply with continuing legal education requirements are not listed. Please contact the State Bar of Montana for a list of attorneys who are currently suspended or placed on inactive status for those reasons. The State Bar of Montana’s contact information is as follows.

State Bar of Montana

P.O. Box 577

Helena, MT 59624

(406) 442-7660

If you want to know the status of an attorney’s license or the attorney’s current address and/or telephone number, please contact the State Bar of Montana.

Public Discipline List

Public Discipline List (pdf)


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